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I can only hope no disaster happens. But this is absolutely NOT acceptable. And some people are going around saying everything is fine. This is the Cup of the Cups!!

So many things have gone wrong already. The international media are really trying to be sympathetic but it is impossible when lives are being put  at risk like this. And it all cost over £7,5 billion!!!


The beach town  of Santos had one of its proudest moments yesterday when Edson Arantes do Nascimento rode on a streetcar trolley into the opening ceremony of The Pelé Museum. The wild , emotional applause was genuine, after all, Pele’ is probably the person who made Santos a world wide famous city.

Pelé sitting on a bench and posing for a photo

Pelé posing for a photo

It was an invitation only event and  had over 300 people present including the vice president of Brazil, Michel Temer,  and the mayor of Santos, Paulo A Barbosa.The museum takes up  4,000 square meters in a complex inside Santos’ old town in  a renovated historic building, and houses more than 2,500 items related to his career, including trophies, jerseys, photos and other memorabilia.

Pelé told the journalists and guests that assembling all his mementos into one place was a dream come true and that he was proud to represent his city and country.

Memorabilia does bring back a lot of memories

Memorabilia does bring back a lot of memories

“In 1958, no one knew Brazil.  And today,  everyone’s here at the inauguration of my museum,” he said at the podium. “Now we’re getting the Cup of all Cups and all eyes are on us here.”

Interactive and films

Interactive and films

2500 objects, shirts, trophies and photos

2500 objects, shirts, trophies and photos


The BBC breakfast website is running a programme with hundreds of footballers faces to click on . Their experts have chosen. O programa matinal da BBC montou um programa no site com centenas de jogadores de futebol para voce clicar. Os experts deles montaram o time deles de todos os tempos.

Dino Zoff; Cafu, Bobby Moore, Franz Beckenbauer, Paolo Maldini; Garrincha, Zico, Lothar Matthaus, Zinedine Zidane; Pele, Diego Maradona. 

Do you agree? Concorda?

Now chose your own. It is quite fun but much more difficult than it seems!! And the choices still miss some great names like Peter Shilton on the goal.

Agora escolha os seus 11. E’ bem divertido mas muito mais divfcil do que parece. E ainda assim falta nomes importantes como o goleiro inglês Peter Shilton na lista.


Last night, BBC1 showed a long documentary entitled “David Beckham into the Unknown” and it consisted of a bike/boats trip in Brazil – started in Rio then off to the Amazon with three friends to experience something he chose to do (According to Beckham he has been doing things Man United, Real Madri.ENgland organised most of his life) and find himself. “You’re going where to find yourself?” Victoria asked. “Why can’t you find yourself at home?” Home is a fairly big mansion in  fashionable Notting Hill Gate.

The  journey is massively organised and they obviously have a guide through the jungle, where they go by boat, fish with the locals, sleep in the wild and obviously visit an Indian tribe – the Yanomanis

As you can imagine, the papers are full of comments. I enjoyed very much the Guardian’s article by Sam Wollaston. Enjoy some extracts:

If it was really just about being with his mates and self-discovery he could have left the cameras at home.

I was surprised not to see a stylist among the credits, but then there’s no medic there either, and they’ve clearly got one of them, to tend to their splinters.

He visits a tribe – ah yes, the Yanonami, already friends with Sting, I believe. (Never mind uncontacted, the Yanonami have the most impressive contacts book in South America).

They paint him up a bit. Go on, stick a saucer in his lower lip, I want to see Victoria’s face when he comes home … Wrong tribe?


If you want to read it all go to


Why are we bothering to read it all? If you want to understand the World Cup, Fifa and football feeling as a whole, watch this



Twenty thousand people turned up for the 1st Fan Fest yesterday on the Beach in Fortaleza (Ceará). Fifa representatives, Ronaldo and the mascote were all up stage before the  show started. The England team arrived in Rio (escorted by the army from the airport to their hotel) and manager Roy Hodgson  had his first stroll on the beach having photographs taken with fans while the Germans got to their training camp in Bahia. The Chile team trained in Belo Horizonte guarded by the army. Spain and Netherlands have also attracted the attention of the press as they will probably play the best match of the first phase against each other this Friday 13th.

1st Fan Fest - Fortaleza yesterday

1st Fan Fest – Fortaleza yesterday


In São Paulo, there was a big rehearsal for the Opening Ceremony. According to newspaper reports, there will be canons and indians in canoes at the start, followed by baianas (native ladies from Bahia but traditionally dressed), all surrounded by dancers performing typical moves from all over the country and also capoeira. In the center of the pitch, there will be a very big lighting Globe, shooting different images throughout the stadium. At the end, people come in with footballs roped to their feet and the globe will show the Brazuza (the official world Cup Ball) together with the 24 flags from the participating countries. The last attraction (a surprise) will come out of the globe which will metamorphose itself into a stage. The ceremony starts at 15.30 Brazil’s time. 19.30 in England and 20.30 in Europe.

England Team arrives in Rio. From a nation where the police do not hold guns...

England Team arrives in Rio. From a nation where the police do not hold guns…



Even though it will be winter in Rio during the World Cup, you can add Momo’s at your must go list. The latest – and by far the best – gelateria in town produces the creamiest and tastiest of ice creams. They also serve coffee and waffles you can add gelatos to both. Absolutely amazing. The flavours are special, too. Seriously unmissable!!


Amazing flavours, great atmosphere

Amazing flavours, great atmosphere




Momo Gelateria

R. Dias Ferreira, 147 – Leblon

tel. +55 21 2294 1965

Opening Hours. Sun to Wed from noon to 11pm; Fri & Sat noon to midnight


As it could not be different considering all organisation flaws, things are really heating up in Brazil. A strike by the tube and traffic enforcement employees in São Paulo yesterday caused the longest/biggest traffic jam in a city already known for its solid streets – and they promise other stoppages during the tournament: 400km! A group of protesters stood in front of 9nine, Ronaldo’s sports agency., to let him know what they think about the ex-striker’s statements; the 3 stadiums still without final approval- Sao Paulo, Curitiba and Porto Alegre – are having inspections today by the Fire Brigade.

an image of city roads covered by cars

Record traffic jam: 400km

The Sports Minister, Aldo Rebello, told the press yesterday that he is setting up a plan B to deal with a possible repetition of the strike on the day of the opening . But he did not clarify what they would be! There is no parking available around the stadium apart from the space reserved for VIPs, Fifa and sponsors representatives and Head of States. I’m curious to know what the government would do. Block the passage to all traffic apart from designated buses which will need to be hired in thousands !?!? made it ilegal to protest and send the army to the streets?!?

suporters protesting

No stadium, we want Education

The group of people in front of Ronaldo’s agency were chanting against the players statement telling the police “to hit the vandals protesters really hard”.

“Ronaldo, pay attention. The people do not want stadiums , they want Education”.

The agency released a statement, also rhyming. “Hey guys pay attention. I pay my taxes for health and education! Hey guys, get smart, it is not in my agency where corruption rolls..  Hey guys, what’s your intention? Nobody here is against your manifestation! ”

Ronaldo then went on to explain that he meant the vandals who infiltrated the peaceful demonstrations to vandalised shops and business needed to be dealt with firmly, that he was no politician and that he was also embarrassed.

“My shame is political. Exclusively. But what goes into the field on 12 June is our football. It’s the football world. Is miscegenation. It is the cultural wealth. It is the sport for peace, by science, sustainability and respect for ethnic diversity. It’s our selection – the more times champion – towards Hexa!

WORLD CUP: ITAQUERÃO STILL FAR FROM READY. – over 30k seats not tested, people got in without tickets and internet cabling for the press not installed!!

Corinthians drew with Botafogo (RJ) this weekend in what was the second match test of the stadium which will host the opening game between Brazil and Croatia. Although there has been some improvement since the first test match on 18th May, there is still so much to be done that it is hard to believe it will all be ready as it should with only 10 days to go.

Stadium prototype image

That’s how it should have looked like!!

The surroundings of the stadium are still full of debris, the underground system for mobility did not work properly and there were supporters still outside 20 minutes after the start of the match.There were people selling alcohol against  FIFA regulations as the legally registered sellers were offering the non acoholic version. Inside most of the food venues were not open.

A Folha de S Paulo’s reporter followed a group of supporters who managed to get through all the blockages and security and were inside the stadium without tickets!! The queues were long and it took over an hour for the newspaper team to get from the tube station to the venue.

When asked, Thiago Paz, coordinator of the local organising Committee (COL) said : “The encryption system of World Cup tickets is quite different from Corinthians. We are still testing our turnstiles that were not deployed. Here, the tickets were the Corinthians. ” In other words, the system that would be used for the event itself has not even been tested!!!

But worst of all: internet cabling has not yet been done for the press! Sports reporters normally turn a blind eye for unfinished toilet facilities, cold food or even taking ages to get into a stadium. But not being able to file their reports!! And under makeshift conditions?!? The facilities of the press center beneath the stadium were made​​, as well as much of the benches for journalists. Half of them still had no electricity,

There is a good sequence of photos of the event on


Rafa di Zeo, the leader of La 12, the most important Organised Supporters Group for Boca Juniors has confirmed that he will be in Brazil supporting Argentina on the World Cup. In an interview for the TV programme A Liga, di Zeo revealed around 150 supporters already have transport, accommodation and tickets for the matches.

Rafa di Zeo holding the colours of Boca Juniors

persona non grata: Rafa di Zeo in the middle of Boca Juniors supporters

La 12 is also known as Barra Bravas e di Zeo has not been allowed to go to a World Cup since 1990 in Italy. According to the story at La Liga he has been accused of the attempted murder of one of his ‘fellow supporters’ William Laluz Fernandes. The names of some Barra Bravas members have come up in a list of the most potentially dangerous people sent as Brazil’s request. The same request was sent to all the Mercosul countries. It shouldn’t really come as a surprise as member of the Barra Bravas were the only ‘official’ supporters expelled from South Africa World Cup.

Read the article and most importantly, watch the videos in it. (they are in Spanish, subtitled in Portuguese)



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