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Security Mums: Making Football Safe

I know it has been ages since I last published anything here. And, believe me, it is not because there hasn’t been many positive things coming out of Brazil. Although, given the current situation, one would be forgiven to think so. I just have had my working and personal life full time directed to action, instead of writing. And I saw a Ted Talk a few months back, where Celeste Headlee says ” If you want to state your opinion without any opportunity for response or argument or pushback or growth, write a blog.” HaHaHa. it did make me laugh and I can see her point. But that is definitely not the reason I write mine.

Just wanted to bring you this video. A safety campaign, winner of Pencil Prize by the prestigious London based Festival D&AD, where mothers decide to give their time and go to football matches to assure their children come back alive and well. I do hope you enjoy as much as I did.



Finally women can have a programme dedicated to Women’s Football. BBC3 has given it the same treatment often (too often if you ask me) given to the men’s. Brazilian player Marta, 5 times winner of Player of the Year,  is the only female ambassador to the World Cup in Brazil. She talks to the Women’s Football Programme.

Finalmente as mulheres tem um programa dedicado exclusivamente ao Futebol Feminino. BBC3 tem um programa com a mesma qualidade ate’ agora apenas dedicado aos homens (na minha opinião tem programas/mesas redondas demais). A jogadora brasileira Marta, eletia 5 vezes a Melhor do Mundo, e’ a única mulher embaixadora da Copa no Brasil

Marta, 5 times Best in the World

Marta, 5 times Best in the World


“Little by little, we are breaking barriers.And I am very honoured to be part”, she says to the BBC3 crew. It is a very good piece but they changed the country’s political system by referring to the president as Brasil’s Prime Minister Dilma Roussef!!

“De pouquinho em pouquinho, vamos derrubando barreiras. Eu estou muito honrada de fazer parte deste processo”, disse Marta. A meteria e’ muito boa mas muda o sistema politico brasileiro, referindo-se a Dilma como nossa Primeira Ministra!

Tennis coaches revolving chair as bad as football’s

The British No1 Tennis male player, Andy Murray, has split with coach Ivan Lendl, it is announced today. The Czech-born American wants to concentrate on his own business:he has set up his own tennis academy and is playing exhibition matches. Under the former No1 in the World, Murray won two Grand Slams, including last year’s Wimbledon title, and an Olympic gold during his time working with the Czech.

The British No1 female player Laura Robson has hired the coach who led Maria Sharapova (the richest female sportswoman in the world)  to Wimbledon glory.

The 20-year-old will now work with Colombian Mauricio Hadad for 27 weeks this year as she seeks a long-term coach.

Robson has had four coaches in the last three years, including Andy Murray’s former coach Miles MacLagan.

And Hadad, 42, worked with Sharapova at Wimbledon in 2004 and spent two years with Heather Watson.
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O  No1 do tênis britânico  Andy Murray, terminou contrato com o treinador Ivan Lendl, foi anunciado hoje. A checo naturalizado americano quer se concentrar em seu próprio negócio: ele montou sua própria academia de ténis e  joga partidas de exibição. Sob a tutela do  ex-No1 no Mundo, Murray venceu dois Grand Slams, incluindo o título de Wimbledon do ano passado (primeiro de um britanico em 77 anos!) , e um ouro olímpico London 2012.
A jogadora britânica Laura Robson No1 contratou o treinador que ajudou a russa Maria Sharapova (a esportista mais rica  do mundo) conquistar o titulo de Wimbledon

O jogador de 20 anos vai agora trabalhar com colombiano Mauricio Hadad por 27 semanas deste ano, como ela procura um treinador a longo prazo.

Robson teve quatro treinadores nos últimos três anos, incluindo o ex-treinador de Andy Murray Miles Maclagan.

E Hadad, 42, trabalhou com Sharapova em Wimbledon em 2004 e passou dois anos com Heather Watson.

British Female Cyclist Success – How to become the Best in the World. Lesson for Rio2016?!

A very good article on the Daily Mail today. Reporter Ian Stafford tells us about the moment, in late 2010 , when 14 female cyclist started to become the unbeatable team they are today.

After getting silver in the World Championship in Copenhagen, they were called into a small room by Sir David Brailsford , British Cyclist Performance Director, and mercilessly told that was not good enough. Things had to change.

It reads.

‘I told the girls to remember the feeling of losing the world championships final,’ he said. ‘I asked them if they wanted to feel like it again. I then asked them how they would feel if it happened in London.

They are, arguably, the most successful sports team in the world, having won four successive world titles, gold in 2012 and breaking the world record in both the 3,000m and the 4,000m. They can also boast their first ever world junior championships crown after success in Glasgow last summer
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Um artigo muito bom no  Daily Mail de hoje. Repórter Ian Stafford relata o momento, no final de 2010, quando 14 ciclistas   começaram a se tornar o time imbatível de hoje.

Depois ganhar a medalha  de prata no Campeonato Mundial, em Copenhague, elas foram chamadas para uma pequena sala por Sir David Brailsford, Diretor Britanico de Ciclismo para Performance,  e impiedosamente disse que não era bom o suficiente. As coisas tinham de mudar.

O artigo:
“Eu disse às meninas que se lembrassem da sensação de perder o campeonato mundial na final, disse ele. “Perguntei-lhes se elas queriam se sentir assim novamente. Eu, então, perguntei-lhes como se sentiriam se isso acontecesse  em Londres.”

Elas são, sem dúvida, a equipe de esportes de maior sucesso no mundo, tendo conquistado quatro títulos mundiais consecutivos, ouro em 2012 e quebrar o recorde mundial em ambas as 3.000 m e 4.000 m a. Eles também podem se vangloriar seu primeiro campeonato júnior mundo sempre coroa após o sucesso em Glasgow no último verão

Women struggle for sponsorship

This is the title of this week’s programme Sportswomen on Sky Tuesday 10.30am. And it really promises to be a very good discussion on the state of the sponsorship market. The panel is top marks: RFU Commercial Director Sophie Goldsmith, Sports Minister Helen Grant and the face of London 2012 and Heptathlon Olympic Champion Jessica Enis-Hill. Set it to record if you can’t watch it.

Este é o título do programa Sportswomen desta semana na Sky terça-feira 10:30. E realmente promete ser uma boa discussão sobre o mercado de patrocínio. O painel merece nota máxima: Diretora Comercial RFU Sophie Goldsmith, ministro dos Esportes, Helen Grant e o rosto de Londres 2012 e campeã olímpica no  Heptatlo  Jessica Enis-Hill. Deveriamos ter um programa similar no Sport TV ou ESPN Brasil


Tennis: L’Equipe asks whether we need more women coaches. And ask for you opinion!!!

Faut-il plus de femmes coaches ?

Faut-il plus de femmes coaches ?

Les coaches femmes auprès des meilleures joueuses mondiales se comptent sur les doigts d’une main. Une situation que regrette amèrement Billie Jean King. Donnez-nous votre avis sur le sujet. Dans l’article, l’américaine dit.

«J’ai entraîné Tim Mayotte et quelques autres, mais plus aucune fille ne fait appel à nous. C’est une grande erreur car nous maîtrisons le sujet et les filles devraient nous solliciter. Mais plus personne ne vient me demander si je ne pourrais pas l’aider à améliorer son jeu. La dernière à l’avoir fait était Martina Navratilova durant ses dernières années sur le circuit, et elle a pris sa retraite en 2006»

Do we need more women coaches?
Women coaches from the best players in the world can be counted on the fingers of one hand. A situation bitterly regretted by  Billie Jean King. Give us your opinion on the subject. In the article, the American King says:

“I coached Tim Mayotte and a few others, but no more girls appealed to us. This is a big mistake because we master the subject and girls should ask us. But nobody came to ask me if I could not help improve her game. The last to have done was Martina Navratilova during her last years on the circuit, and she retired in 2006 ”

Influential Women in Sport UK

Who can resist a ‘most influential list’? The Guardian compiled this one a few days ago. So I shall start my Women in Sport post with it. And, I’m sure, I’ll be talking a lot about them in the future.

Quem resiste a uma lista de “os mais influentes”? O Guardian montou esta lista uns dias atras. Então, resolvi começar o meu Women in Sport com este post. E, tenho certeza,  ainda vou mencionar estas profissionais muitas vezes no futuro

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