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The ex Footballers Rai and Leonardo founded their NGO, Gol de Letra* on 10th December 1998, date chosen purposely as it is the Human Rights Day. Gol de letra (literally translate would be a Letter Goal) is a Brazilian expression which describes a goal kick done with the legs crossed in X. The name, therefore, being a combination of sport and education, which is what the Foundation is about. In these nearly 15 years they have won dozens of prizes, including the Itaú-Unicef ​​Award of Education Full,   National Gold Medal winner last year,  and the Pan American Health Organisation in 2002.

A group of children with Rai

Leonardo and Rai, on top, with some of the children they help on their ONG

It functions in two ways:

1)Direct care in two communities.  São Paulo (Vila Albertina) and Rio de Janeiro (Caju), a total of 1300 children, adolescents and youth and their families.  There are 4 different types of activities in each city, varying from cultural and sports, service to families, the youth of the community, partnerships and actions of mobilisation, training of social workers.

2) Dissemination: Is the embodiment of institutional vision, with the proliferation of social and educational practices in other contexts, in partnership with businesses and other organisations, which serves currently another 1,800 children, adolescents and young. They train and supervise  institutions in other regions, to implement social and educational practices and they also train the staff through lectures and workshops. It has expanded to 5 other regions in Brazil.

Some children doing projects with monitors

One of the programmes

The people are selected according to the degree of social vulnerability and risk, using criteria of PNAS (National Policy for Social Assistance – 2004), who assumes the centrality of the family and the importance of social assistance character of the actions, with the aim of developing contexts of family and community social protection.

* It was coined by the journalist Mario Filho ( Maracana Stadiun has his name) in 1942


David Luiz, Oscar e Ramires se juntaram ao grupo galáctico. Ontem à noite, antes de os jogadores brasileiros se juntarem aseis companheiros do Chelsea Hotel na preparação para o importantíssimo duelo de hoje à noite pela Liga dos Campeões  contra o Paris St Germain, eu fui buscar todas as três bolas restantes no meu projeto da Copa do Mundo.

I am sitting with all 3 balls o my lap

E pra D: Ramires, Oscar e David Luiz as bolas autografadas


Eles se juntaram a Pelé, Zico, Falcão, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Romário, Raí e Neymar. Estes oito já tiveram suas bolas autografadas enviadas para artistas britânicos. O leilão será realizado em junho pela famosa Casa de Leilões Sotheby’s e os recursos enviados ao ABC Trust.


David Luiz, Oscar and Ramires have joined the galactic group. Yesterday evening, before the Brazilian players got to the Chelsea Hotel for their preparation to tonight’s Champions League gigantic clash with Paris St Germain, I collected all three balls remaining in My World Cup Project,

I am sitting with all 3 balls o my lap

L o R: Ramires, Oscar and David Luiz autographed balls. Photo: Marta Rocha

They have joined Pelé, Zico, Falcão, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Romario, Raí e Neymar. These eight have already had their autographed balls sent to British Artists. The auction will be held in June by World Famous Auction House Sotheby’s and the proceeds gone to ABC Trust. 



Marco Antonio da Silva, 32, was at a bus stop in São Leopoldo, RS, Brazil, when he saw fall from the purse of a woman on the back of a motorcycle, an envelope with £ 150 and two unpaid invoices. Any honest man would have the same reaction: look for the owner of the lost items. Marco Antonio did just that, but first, without hesitation, he paid the bills!!

He posted on his facebook account a photo of the invoices and asked if anyone knew Karine Peyrot and that he had some change to give back to her. Later he explained he had lost money once and had to take a loan to pay your bills.

O post no FB

O post no FB


Shared by friends, and friends of friends , they got to each other. Karine was stunned and also posted on her Facebook page her unreserved gratitude.


Brasil Positive. A New Series Starts Today. Rio: I love, I care

On my Rio2016 post yesterday, I mentioned that the new Presidente of Empresa Olimpica, Joaquim Monteiro de Carvalho, is the thinking head behind a very conscientious  Social Movement called Rio: I love, I care. It seems simple. And it is. The mission, as its website describes it,  is “To transform the carioca’s behaviour, making him aware of the importance of small gestures and good habits” .   Brasil is a developing country and it has changed significantly in the last 20 years. Perhaps a bit slower than people would have liked but there are many good signs , hundreds of incredible projects, thousands of volunteers helping less privileged people.

So I decided to start a new series . Brasil Positive. And Rio: I love I care is my first post

In one of its section on the website, called Rio sem lixo (Rio without rubbish), it encourages people to take photos of rubbish on the ground and post it on the Instagram with #Riosemlixo. In another one, Rio na Faixa (Rio on Crossing) , it aims to attract people attention to the zebra crossing through Art. One of the biggest graffiti artists, Airá Ocrespo, is the curator of this project and has gathered 30 artists to take part.


A taxi on the pedestrian crossing and the campaign leaflet

The leaflet (below) and what it is aiming to avoid


This movement aims to encourage people to throw their rubbish in the bins, clean up after their dog, keep the crossroads free. And there has been creative initiatives. Like a talking Rubbish Bin. On the video below, you can see the Bin asking people to give him some rubbish, appealing to their better sense to keep their wonderful city beautiful and clean. And when somebody touches it, it hears “you , who have just touched me, give me some thrash”.  And it is not a sophisticated robot with sensors. It is actually a volunteer, sitting near by, with a microphone, keeping an eye through a small camera . Although it is spoken  in Portuguese, you can easily notice how it is truly touching people, it sort of became an attraction.


Do watch it:[

And the movement has its sets of values, too.

1 Goodness – Practicing good is good;
2 Neutrality – Performance of exempt and non-partisan manner;
3 Positivity – Focus on good examples and not on criticism;
4 Commitment – Love is not enough,  care;
5 Proud to be carioca;
6 Ethics – To do right  is the only option;
7 Union – The movement is for all;
8 Collectivism – Your attitude makes a difference;
9 Mobilization – Let’s do it together;
10 Nonprofit

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