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LA2024 supports Rio2016

Nice Video: Thiago Pereira stars



Rio2016: Special Security Operations

Very interesting video with all the simulations and some real footage of Brazil Special Forces training in specific operations


Senna no pulso de todos no Rio2016

Quando me informaram muitos meses atrás que o Ayrton Senna seria um dos Embaixadores dos Jogos Olímpicos do Rio2016 confesso que fiquei perplexa. Como? Hologramas? Será que iriam ‘teleportar’ imagens do Ayrton em arenas, fan fests etc?? Será que fotos impressas em cartazes ajudariam alguma coisa? Acho que menosprezei a força daquela homem, considerado ainda por milhões o símbolo maior do orgulho dos brasileiros até hoje.

Imagens das vitórias deles nas pistas de corrida não poderiam fazer a menor diferença pra atletas olímpicos. Esta era a minha opinião. Mas olha só o que eles fizeram: inspiração total.


Security Mums: Making Football Safe

I know it has been ages since I last published anything here. And, believe me, it is not because there hasn’t been many positive things coming out of Brazil. Although, given the current situation, one would be forgiven to think so. I just have had my working and personal life full time directed to action, instead of writing. And I saw a Ted Talk a few months back, where Celeste Headlee says ” If you want to state your opinion without any opportunity for response or argument or pushback or growth, write a blog.” HaHaHa. it did make me laugh and I can see her point. But that is definitely not the reason I write mine.

Just wanted to bring you this video. A safety campaign, winner of Pencil Prize by the prestigious London based Festival D&AD, where mothers decide to give their time and go to football matches to assure their children come back alive and well. I do hope you enjoy as much as I did.



The nearer we get the more excited it all becomes.

Brasil Positive: Flavio Canto Charity Work

Going through my daily media monitoring of what has been published, posted or printed about Rio 2016 Olympics and Brazil related sports news – among many other themes -, I came across this wonderful video about Brazilian judoka Flavio Canto and his charity work which will take part on 6th April International Day of Sport for Development and Peace.

Amazing work, inspiring young people at the biggest Favela in Rio, Rocinha. On the wall: “Every man id the size of his dreams” . Canto says “I learn much more than I teach”

Really worth watching.

Atleta Paralympica é sucesso na passarela

A velejadora Marinalva Almeida foi um sucesso no desfile do estilista Fernando Cozendey semana passada o que lhe rendeu ate’ convite para desfilar na Itália. Ela também e’ recordista brasileira de salto em distância e no dardo. E fazia corrida de rua de muletas. Ela perdeu a perna esquerda aos 15 anos depois de um acidente de moto em Campo Grande (MS)

Marinalva Almeida, 37 anos

Marinalva Almeida, 37 anos

“Eu aprendi a nadar depois do acidente. Fiz natação, tênis de mesa, arremesso de dardo, disco, peso e até halterofilismo. Queria me descobrir, saber o que eu podia e o que não podia”, conta.

Leia a matéria toda no


Even though it will be winter in Rio during the World Cup, you can add Momo’s at your must go list. The latest – and by far the best – gelateria in town produces the creamiest and tastiest of ice creams. They also serve coffee and waffles you can add gelatos to both. Absolutely amazing. The flavours are special, too. Seriously unmissable!!


Amazing flavours, great atmosphere

Amazing flavours, great atmosphere




Momo Gelateria

R. Dias Ferreira, 147 – Leblon

tel. +55 21 2294 1965

Opening Hours. Sun to Wed from noon to 11pm; Fri & Sat noon to midnight


“Nothing can prepare you for the breathtaking beauty of Inhotim, Brazil’s best-kept secret for lovers of contemporary art”.  That’s how Zach Udko starts his blog at The Huffington Post. He is right, of course. But Inhotim (pronounced  IN-YO-TCHEEN ) is a lot more than that. There are musical events, school visits and several community projects ranging from Art as a way of reading contemporary life to biodiversity conservation activities which aims at  a model of sustainable living. It serves  more than 70,000 people in the school community annually.

7000 acres

5000 acres – 500 works

There are 5000 acres of botanical gardens which houses 500 works by 100 artists from 30 countries in over two dozen gallery pavilions.  Among them you’ll find Matthew Barney, Chris Burden, Janet Cardiff and George Miller, Anish Kapoor, and Brazilian Tunga.

Designed by Burle Marx, Inhotim finds alternative ways to minimize the environmental impact that its own projects cause. It disposes of all its solid residues according to International environmental rules; it has preserved all the hydric reservoirs and utilises it for irrigation; it has partnerships with universities and international research centres for its fauna and even has its own carbon credit scheme sold to individuals. 


The gardens are a field for floral studies, the cataloging of new botanical species, onsite and off-site conservation, and environmental education actions. It complies studies of the botanical species of its collection of approximately 5,000 species, representing more than 28% of the known botanical families on the planet.


Inhotim School’s program happens beyond the Institute’s facilities and includes art exhibitions, screening of videos and films, lectures and courses, workshops and meetings with artists, among other activities.  During the World Cup there will be held  Encontros series with  artist Apichatpong Weerasethakul, an internationally recognized independent cinema producer and director. winner of  Golden Palm of the Cannes Festival in 2010 for his film Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (2010).

If you are going to watch to work at any of the 4 matches which will be held in Belo Horizonte (England play Costa Rica on 24th June there, make sure you take the 90 minute drive  to this most beautiful and special of places)

Have a look at their site.

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