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Brasil Positive: Flavio Canto Charity Work

Going through my daily media monitoring of what has been published, posted or printed about Rio 2016 Olympics and Brazil related sports news – among many other themes -, I came across this wonderful video about Brazilian judoka Flavio Canto and his charity work which will take part on 6th April International Day of Sport for Development and Peace.

Amazing work, inspiring young people at the biggest Favela in Rio, Rocinha. On the wall: “Every man id the size of his dreams” . Canto says “I learn much more than I teach”

Really worth watching.

RIO2016: 500 DAYS TO GO

As ex Olympic Minister Tessa Jowell wrote in her excellent blog yesterday in the Guardian, we are all excited, nervous, tense and, most of all, committed. The atmosphere at the Committee in Rio is of sheer enthusiasm, an electric buzz so particular to Brazilians. And I say that based on what I feel thousands of miles away, in London.

Mascot Vinicius at Sugar Loaf Mountain

Mascot Vinicius at Sugar Loaf Mountain

Of course we know that all the athletes are excited with the prospect of the 1st Olympic Games in South America. But I was actually very nicely surprised with the amazing video produced by New Zealand gang


Today Ayrton would have turned 55. Millions of fans have taken to twitter to celebrate his life, register their grief, pay their respects. I obviously share all of these. And more. Writing about him, it is writing about (part of) my own life as well: my feelings, my experiences, my professional life. I spent the entire week debating with myself whether to register anything on this day. I do not like to bring attention to myself; I really dislike people who try and be more important than the person they are actually working for/with (if you know what I mean). But only yesterday, after a talk with a Japanese producer for NHK, did I realise that what I am honestly not comfortable with is re living it all and, in the process, exposing myself and Ayrton.

The best friendship in F1. This was taken at Gerhard's birthday in 1993

The best friendship in F1. This was taken at Gerhard’s birthday in 1993

When I finally managed to watch the documentary – months after it had been out in the cinemas -, on video at home accompanied by a bottle of wine, I was actually watching my own little life film shown back to me. Well, an important, powerful and intense section of it, anyway. As the film went on, I was going through all my memories of every event; how Ayrton really felt going through them, the bits he shared with me, the laughs, rages and stresses all those occasions caused him and all of those around. I went through dozens of his facial expressions, his mannerisms, his deeply charismatic way. And I missed him like hell. Most of all, I feel achingly sorry for his lost life. For the first time in 20 years, it hurt again. And as I write that, it hurts again.

The only time I held that umbrella. A bit embarrassing, actually.

The only time I held that umbrella. A bit embarrassing, actually.

I took that at a testing in Silverstone 1991, I think

I took that at a testing in Silverstone 1991, I think

It is all so powerful, I feel I need to to share a bit. So here it is some personal photos. “Ayrton, F1 is SOOOOOOO boring without you. No personalities, no opinions, not one intense character. The whole world of motor racing miss you much more than they think. Personally, I repeat, I only feel a huge, deep loss for you at such a prime time in your personal trajectory”

Adriane Galisteu and I in a farewell dinner given by the McLaren mechanics for Ayrton , Australia 1993

Adriane Galisteu and I in a farewell dinner given by the McLaren mechanics for Ayrton , Australia 1993

Football x Racism: Gremio expelled from Copa Brasil. Supporter in policy custody

Gremio supporter Patricia Moreira was caught on camera chanting racist songs and calling Santos’ goalkeeper Aranha, monkey and niger. They were shocking images , transmitted live to the whole country last Thursday at the Arena in Porto Alegre in the match between Gremio x Santos. She was definitely not alone but she was the only one arrested and, yesterday, arrived at the police station crying and visibly shaken. A witness was also called to the station to make an statement.

The video shows clearly Patricia pronouncing every syllable of MA-CA-CO. The president of FIFA, Sepp Blatter, has expressed his support for Brazilian decision to expel Gremio from the Copa Brasil. One can only hope Blatter puts pressure in some European Team , specially in Italy and Spain where racism incidents have been quite frequent, to do the same.

If you want to know more read the article at


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Even though it will be winter in Rio during the World Cup, you can add Momo’s at your must go list. The latest – and by far the best – gelateria in town produces the creamiest and tastiest of ice creams. They also serve coffee and waffles you can add gelatos to both. Absolutely amazing. The flavours are special, too. Seriously unmissable!!


Amazing flavours, great atmosphere

Amazing flavours, great atmosphere




Momo Gelateria

R. Dias Ferreira, 147 – Leblon

tel. +55 21 2294 1965

Opening Hours. Sun to Wed from noon to 11pm; Fri & Sat noon to midnight


The ex Footballers Rai and Leonardo founded their NGO, Gol de Letra* on 10th December 1998, date chosen purposely as it is the Human Rights Day. Gol de letra (literally translate would be a Letter Goal) is a Brazilian expression which describes a goal kick done with the legs crossed in X. The name, therefore, being a combination of sport and education, which is what the Foundation is about. In these nearly 15 years they have won dozens of prizes, including the Itaú-Unicef ​​Award of Education Full,   National Gold Medal winner last year,  and the Pan American Health Organisation in 2002.

A group of children with Rai

Leonardo and Rai, on top, with some of the children they help on their ONG

It functions in two ways:

1)Direct care in two communities.  São Paulo (Vila Albertina) and Rio de Janeiro (Caju), a total of 1300 children, adolescents and youth and their families.  There are 4 different types of activities in each city, varying from cultural and sports, service to families, the youth of the community, partnerships and actions of mobilisation, training of social workers.

2) Dissemination: Is the embodiment of institutional vision, with the proliferation of social and educational practices in other contexts, in partnership with businesses and other organisations, which serves currently another 1,800 children, adolescents and young. They train and supervise  institutions in other regions, to implement social and educational practices and they also train the staff through lectures and workshops. It has expanded to 5 other regions in Brazil.

Some children doing projects with monitors

One of the programmes

The people are selected according to the degree of social vulnerability and risk, using criteria of PNAS (National Policy for Social Assistance – 2004), who assumes the centrality of the family and the importance of social assistance character of the actions, with the aim of developing contexts of family and community social protection.

* It was coined by the journalist Mario Filho ( Maracana Stadiun has his name) in 1942


David Luiz, Oscar e Ramires se juntaram ao grupo galáctico. Ontem à noite, antes de os jogadores brasileiros se juntarem aseis companheiros do Chelsea Hotel na preparação para o importantíssimo duelo de hoje à noite pela Liga dos Campeões  contra o Paris St Germain, eu fui buscar todas as três bolas restantes no meu projeto da Copa do Mundo.

I am sitting with all 3 balls o my lap

E pra D: Ramires, Oscar e David Luiz as bolas autografadas


Eles se juntaram a Pelé, Zico, Falcão, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Romário, Raí e Neymar. Estes oito já tiveram suas bolas autografadas enviadas para artistas britânicos. O leilão será realizado em junho pela famosa Casa de Leilões Sotheby’s e os recursos enviados ao ABC Trust.


David Luiz, Oscar and Ramires have joined the galactic group. Yesterday evening, before the Brazilian players got to the Chelsea Hotel for their preparation to tonight’s Champions League gigantic clash with Paris St Germain, I collected all three balls remaining in My World Cup Project,

I am sitting with all 3 balls o my lap

L o R: Ramires, Oscar and David Luiz autographed balls. Photo: Marta Rocha

They have joined Pelé, Zico, Falcão, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Romario, Raí e Neymar. These eight have already had their autographed balls sent to British Artists. The auction will be held in June by World Famous Auction House Sotheby’s and the proceeds gone to ABC Trust. 


Brasil: Serve Amor, Sexo e Futebol

O rentável comercio do sexo sempre tenta tirar maior proveito de qualquer grande evento. A Copa do Mundo é uma oportunidade grande demais  para ser desperdiçada. E para tornar as coisas ainda mais atraentes o dia do jogo de abertura, 12 de junho, é  Dia dos Namorados. Assim, a indústria do sexo tem a intenção de fazer deste um ano memorável.. O site capitalfm publica hoje.

images-1 images


” Não se esqueça de fazer amor “, exorta a guru dos produtos eróticos , Paula Aguiar, presidente da Associação das Empresas do Mercado Erótico do Brasil .

Aguiar disse que 52 de seus colegas irão no proximo mês uma campanha própria para assegurar que o futebol não chutar o sexo pra fora do campo – e as vendas de aparelhos sexuais com eles. Isso porque eles acreditam que as pessoas podem gastar muito tempo na frente da TV e esquecer dos outros.

Com uma população de 200 milhões , o Brasil é o maior mercado da América Latina para os ‘brinquedos’ de sexo com 8,5 milhões de vibradores, brinquedos sexuais, loções para o corpo , cremes e lubrificantes vendidos a cada mês.

Atacadistas esperam que  seus cofres aumentem em 10 milhões dólares pois  eles oferecem aos consumidores um caleidoscópio de produtos do barato e alegre até as últimas vibradores de silicone.

E o Ministério da Saúde do Brasil diz que vai oferecer e  supervisionar a distribuição de milhões de preservativos como parte de uma campanha anti- Aids.


Leia o artigo em

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