Many people have asked me to write more about Ayrton. I did promise I would do so. However, I had underestimated the impact of all the commemorations of 20 years of his death would have on me. I simply needed to stop digging it all up.

In the eve of Suzuka Grand Prix and the announcement of Honda’s coming back to Formula 1 I decided to revisit my notes and here are some of Ayrton’s thought on both: The Japanese Grand Prix and its engine manufacturer.

The collisions with Prost are too well documented. So I have chosen his pole position lap. Ride with him

“After all these years we have been racing in Japan the enthusiasm of the fans still moves me. it is amazing. The numbers of fans I have here is absurd and it grows every year. I am recognised everywhere in Japan and always, no exception, treated with respect and admiration. For all that, it is always an immense pleasure for me to come to Japan.

“The mutual trust is the foremost aspect of my 6-year relationship with Honda. All the rest – and I mean our outstanding results – is well documented in the history books and I believe that it speaks for itself. It has invariably been a truthful relationship in which both parts have always worked in the best interest of everybody, in order to be successful and to seek the improvement all the time. But most significant of it all is that there has always been a healthy atmosphere, consistently respecting human values and ethics

To finish, his Press Conference.

About Betise Assumpcao Head

Communicator, specialized in Media Relations, Reputation, Crisis Management, corporate or individual. I started as a Sports Journalist (7 years, Mains newspapers and magazines in Brazil) turned into World Wide Press Officer (Senna 1990/1994), been to Games in Barcelona Atlanta, London & Rio 2016. Italy, Germany & Brazilian World Cups.


  1. sennasempre says :

    Thank you for your wonderful stories on Ayrton Senna. We are very grateful on every single word you wrote.

    A Tribute to Life Network [ http://www.ayrton-senna.net | http://www.ayrton-senna-dasilva.com ]


  2. Alecsandra says :

    Se é difícil, até hoje, para todos nós, falarmos nele, imagino para você! Agradeço, por dividir conosco, pequenos detalhes, saudosas lembranças, do nosso eterno campeão! Fique com Deus!


  3. Petrus says :

    Olá Betise, olhe esse vídeo, acho que sempre encontraremos essas relíquias, você estava lá?



  4. Petrus says :

    Betise, acho que você não estava, ví apenas um homem que parece o Sr. Milton de muletas, muito bacana os dois vídeos.


    • Betise Assumpcao Head says :

      Sim, Petrus, o homem de muletas é o Sr Milton. e eu não estava la’ não. Eu também tirava férias kkkkkk Obrigada pelo video.Tomei a liberdade de coloca-lo no blog, pois são imagens ainda não vistas por aqui.


      • Petrus says :

        Oi Betise, esse vídeo é domínio publico, quanto mais gente ver melhor, aproveitando a oportunidade tenho uma coleção de pequenos vídeos que baixo do you tube desde 2005, é muita coisa, durante muito tempo foi meu hobby diário, pena que qualidade não é tão boa, a Sra. sempre esteve presente em vários, 🙂


  5. Betise Assumpcao Head says :

    Obrigada. E pode esquecer o Sra.


  6. Nick Warner says :

    Thanks for this Betise. I could watch the in-car footage of his pole laps all day – Suzuka and, of course, Monaco, being the best. The sheer brilliance and huge physical effort is astonishing and never fails to amaze. The steering wheel is almost being torn from his hands at every turn – and he’s got to change gear as well!! It’s so far removed from the more relaxed in-car footage of today. The one I’d really like to see is the famous pole lap from Monaco 1988 however, I’m not sure that ‘in-car’ footage exists of that lap?? Many people have said that the opening lap at Donnington was the greatest lap ever however, I believe that Monaco 88 pole lap was the greatest lap anyone has ever driven in an F1 car. On a personal note, thanks for sharing all the memories. I would imagine that 2014 hasn’t been the easiest year for you? I remember listening to an interview with Julian Jakobi several years ago in which he said that hardly a day passed when he didn’t think of Ayrton in some way. I guess it’ll be just the same for you. All best.


  7. Nick Warner says :

    Further to the above; have you seen this before? ; I found it very moving.


    • Betise Assumpcao Head says :

      Thanks for sharing it. I’m afraid, this does not touch me much. I could so easily see it was not him. I mean, I know how Ayrton walked, dressed his clothes; these were not his hands, or manoeurism . And there is no pictures of his driving which was the most impressive of it all.


  8. Nick Warner says :

    I agree; nothing matches the in-car footage. However, it’s his voice and somehow, the shots of the famous Monte Carlo scenery seem poignant and there’s an ’empty’ feeling which is, I guess, how his fans have felt since May 1994. Somehow, the streets of Monaco have always seemed incomplete without the famous yellow helmet……


  9. Nick Warner says :

    Forgot to mention; I also loved the clip from the Suzuka press conference – 1991 – another reminder of what we’ve been missing for more than 20 years! It also reminds those out there (who still need reminding) that the infamous incidents at Suzuka in 89 & 90 were VERY much related and 90 happened as a consequence of 89. Ayrton explained this very well. One of my favourites of all Ayrton’s press sessions however, were those at the next race (Adelaide ’91) and the famous interview with Jackie Stewart. I loved the robust way in which Ayrton (rightly) defended himself – the classic line; ‘I’m not designed to come second, third of forth, I’m designed to win’…….wonderful stuff!


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