Racism: Ronaldinho is called “Monkey” by local politician in Mexico

Less than a week after signing to play for Queretáro, in México, the ex World Footballer of the Year Ronaldinho Gaucho, was called a monkey by a local politician, Carlos Treviño, on his webpage.

Ronaldinho on his presentation

Ronaldinho on his presentation

“I am tolerant, but I HATE FOOTBALL. And the idiotic phenomenum it produces. I hate even more as people fill up the streets and delayed everybody else trying to get home. And all that for a monkey. Brazilian, but monkey. It is a ridicule circus”, wrote Treviño

Good thing he is tolerant, isn’t it. Treviño is the Social Development Secretary of Queretáro and was commenting on the traffic caused by Ronaldinho’s presentation to the club last Friday. The club has issued a statement saying they will not tolerate racism.

Tollerate seems to be a very loosely used word in Queretáro

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One response to “Racism: Ronaldinho is called “Monkey” by local politician in Mexico”

  1. otavio says :

    it’s a shame not only for Mexico but also for Europe, Brazil, Argentina… where this kind of stupidity is still going on!


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