As it could not be different considering all organisation flaws, things are really heating up in Brazil. A strike by the tube and traffic enforcement employees in São Paulo yesterday caused the longest/biggest traffic jam in a city already known for its solid streets – and they promise other stoppages during the tournament: 400km! A group of protesters stood in front of 9nine, Ronaldo’s sports agency., to let him know what they think about the ex-striker’s statements; the 3 stadiums still without final approval- Sao Paulo, Curitiba and Porto Alegre – are having inspections today by the Fire Brigade.

an image of city roads covered by cars

Record traffic jam: 400km

The Sports Minister, Aldo Rebello, told the press yesterday that he is setting up a plan B to deal with a possible repetition of the strike on the day of the opening . But he did not clarify what they would be! There is no parking available around the stadium apart from the space reserved for VIPs, Fifa and sponsors representatives and Head of States. I’m curious to know what the government would do. Block the passage to all traffic apart from designated buses which will need to be hired in thousands !?!? made it ilegal to protest and send the army to the streets?!?

suporters protesting

No stadium, we want Education

The group of people in front of Ronaldo’s agency were chanting against the players statement telling the police “to hit the vandals protesters really hard”.

“Ronaldo, pay attention. The people do not want stadiums , they want Education”.

The agency released a statement, also rhyming. “Hey guys pay attention. I pay my taxes for health and education! Hey guys, get smart, it is not in my agency where corruption rolls..  Hey guys, what’s your intention? Nobody here is against your manifestation! ”

Ronaldo then went on to explain that he meant the vandals who infiltrated the peaceful demonstrations to vandalised shops and business needed to be dealt with firmly, that he was no politician and that he was also embarrassed.

“My shame is political. Exclusively. But what goes into the field on 12 June is our football. It’s the football world. Is miscegenation. It is the cultural wealth. It is the sport for peace, by science, sustainability and respect for ethnic diversity. It’s our selection – the more times champion – towards Hexa!

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Communicator, specialized in Media Relations, Reputation, Crisis Management, corporate or individual. I started as a Sports Journalist (7 years, Mains newspapers and magazines in Brazil) turned into World Wide Press Officer (Senna 1990/1994), been to Games in Barcelona Atlanta, London & Rio 2016. Italy, Germany & Brazilian World Cups.

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