The Sports paper Lance publishes today an interesting article on the requirements from the 37 teams coming to play the World Cup in Brazil. The technical committees have made ​​requests to the hotels and training centers where they will stay . No prima donna demands , but still interesting.

France, for example, only wants liquid soap in the bathrooms . They will also change the menu from the restaurant. Halal food  only as there are Muslims players . And a leisure room with video games.

Algeria requires a Koran ( holy book of the Islamic religion ) in each dorm .

Portugal , besides mobilizing in Campinas ( SP), a large police force ( Police, Federal Police Battalion and Special Shares ) , will bring six private security guards . Four of them will take care exclusively of Cristiano Ronaldo ( and his ego, probably) . Each room must have a game .

Australia – their hotel will be  exclusive for the  Australians. And they want newspapers from around the world to be available daily at the same location .

While South Korea sees no problem in the fact that a delegation of South Korean fans will be staying next to the players.

Chile – requested the purchase of new beds and flat-screen TVs for the rooms.

Ecuador – Beyond creating a games room , hotel was told to provide  a basket with several typical bananas from Ecuador in each room.

The coaching staff of Colombian  asked the Sao Paulo’s  owner of the training center  to choose 15 boys to take part in training.

Uruguay. The air -conditioning in the players’  rooms must be silent . Uruguayans have requested the construction of large protective walls at the Arena do Jacare .

Honduras –  They want six Spanish channels added to the TV grid  in the rooms including two Honduras channels. And they want an increase in the  speed of Wi-Fi internet

And last but not least : Japan . Each suite will feature a jacuzzi tub .  My favourite!!

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  1. bereaze says :

    Brilliamt, somebody tweeted: the ecuatorians are worrried about feeding their players but the French want them clean! Haahhaha


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