Even though tonight is Champions League semi final, there is very little about the matches being discussed in the news. All the papers and sports news on TV are talking about since very early this morning has been the sacking of David Moyes by Manchester United. There is not much one can add to all the comments, opinions, facts, photos etc. So I have chosen a few things worth reading to make your job easy to understand it all. Moyes is an extremely decent man and a highly regarded manager.  Some blame the new football results first policy, others bring up the appalling sequence of negative records he broke. And the foreigners taking over the biggest teams in the world is also on the spotlight.

The Times photo. Dabvid Moyes body language says it all

The Times’ photo. David Moyes body language says it all

The interim managerial position will be taken over by veteran Welsh player Ryan Giggs. According to Press Reports, Giggs has been very critical of Moyes. Well. let’s see how much better he can do it himself now.

The name most mentioned to take over Moyes is of Dutchman Louis van Gaal. He has rejected the chance to become Tottenham manager – paving the way for the Dutchman to become David Moyes’ successor at Manchester United. Van Gaal, 62,  will take Holland to this summer’s World Cup in Brazil. I’m sure he is extremely competent. He is a good friend of Mourinho’s and I heard him talk in the Portuguese tribute night organised by the Football Writers Association in London. It was on of the most boring, arrogant and self serving speech I have  ever heard in my life. it will be interesting to see how he works with the American owner of Old Trafford team.

Oliver Holt’s comments explains perfectly what has happened and the implications in the decision: to take the job in the first place and then to have lost it. And all without pretense melodrama, high morals or this is how it is like ….. He describes the post as a poison chalice but one that Moyes had to take.

Read it:

And it is hardly surprising considering the heavy media scrutiny. Here is an article published on the Daily Telegraph nearly a month ago.



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3 responses to “MAN UTD: MOYES OUT. GIGGS IN.”

  1. Nick Warner says :

    Another good post Betise. I predicated (to my Man Utd-supporting son!) that Moyes wouldn’t last the season before the season actually began! I was thin king that I might be proved wrong but hey! I agree, Moyes is a decent and honest man but, with the colossal pressure that these debt-ridden premiership clubs are under these days, it’s a results-mean-everything environment. The owners can’t risk loosing out on another £20M for failing to qualify for the Champions League next season. He had to go. Agree with you about Van Gaal – my preference would have been for Guus Hiddinck however, not sure of his situation now? Regards.


  2. Nick Warner says :

    OOPs – I meant £50m on previous post!!


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