RIO 2016: IOC intervenes against delays. Excellent Measure

The international Olympic Committee’s (IOC) decision to intervene on the preparations for the Olympic Games is the front page headline  of the paper edition of one of the biggest papers in Brazil, Folha de S Paulo. The first measure announced was to bring forward the visit of IOC Executive Director Gilbert Felli which should happen in just over 10 day’s time now and aims to monitor the organisation of the event. The IOC has also decided it will coordinate a committee which will be responsible for making ‘top level decisions’ and will include representatives of all three  spheres of government – federal, state and municipal.

Personally, I believe it to be an excellent idea. It seems the IOC has what lacks in FIFA: decision makers who are also hands on to the job. They are very worried that, less than 1000 days before the start of the Games, it has not yet been disclosed who will be responsible for funding each work. And instead of coming over to tell people off and let the press and public opinion have a field day with the organisers, the  IOC representatives decided to pull their sleeves and get into work. Together.

Rio's Mayor Eduardo Paes at the Press Conference

Rio’s Mayor Eduardo Paes at the Press Conference

Rio’s mayor told journalists in a Press conference yesterday that  he welcomes the anticipation of their arrival. “I need the IOC here , and I told the president ( Thomas ) Bach , so that they understand the position of Brazil – said Paes . And, hopefully, help to put pressure on the intrinsic triple system of decision making in Brazil.

The mayor acknowledged that the delay in works of Deodoro Olympic Park is worrying but pledged to meet all deadlines and that there will be a need for alternative plans – another concern of the IOC, the lack of Plan B.

The Rio 2016 Committee said the measures are timely . In a statement, it reads that the creation of new working groups is part of the ongoing relationship with the IOC Games organizers , since teamwork would be the best and only way forward .

The PR work is looking good. Now what we need is to get down to work.


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