According to an article on the Sports site Lancenet, in Brasil, host cities which receive large numbers of tourists from one country count ,will also get the help of seven police officers of the same nationality. These men will act as intermediaries in relations with the Brazilian police when incidents occur .The biggest concern of the Ministry of Justice is with the ” hooligans ” , the famous English fans who start fights , and the Argentine version , the ” brave barraqs ” . The orientation of the Brazilian authorities is for events involving foreigners to be  reported to the policemen of their country .

The measure announced extends to the cities where the National teams will be base . Foreign police will use their own uniforms , but will not be able to police or be armed . Control centers in the 12 host cities will concentrate the information of possible occurrences with delegations and fans. The National Control Center will be in Brasilia .

The scheme will be joined by the Center for International Police Cooperation , also in Brasilia , whose function will be to support these foreign forces . All 31 countries of the World Cup (there are 32  with Brazil ) were invited to send seven police officers each with a total of 217 foreign police .

Question 1: which language will they speak? I have already come across German policeman who was fluent in English, for instance. But Portuguese? And what about the Brazilian police? Poliglots they are not!

Question 2: They wilnot be able to carry guns. Fair enough, the British police normally don’t carry.Only the hardly trained people are allowed . But again, what about the Brazilians? So 7 foreign policemen unarmed will have to report to the Brazilians. Great.

Question 3: Authorities in Brazil are worried about possible trouble from the English and Argentinians ? Personally, I think they should be using their energy to think of a really good plan – and I mean REALLY good plan – to deal with the planned protests by the each day  more disgruntled population about the event.

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