Senna: Derren Brown would also agree with him

Last year, I went to a very interesting talk at The School of Life , in London, between its founder Alain de Botton and the illusionist Derren Brown. (I highly recommend anything involving any of these 3!! )The talk, which was entitled Derren Brown on Magic and Happiness, lasted nearly two hours, including break and only at the very end, when we were already on the Q&A session, did the topic of Happiness was mentioned. Someone  at the audience asked: “But what is happiness?” The answer was a very long and amazingly interesting one. And, again, I heard a very similar quote from Senna.

Brown is a very well read and expert on mind tricks. Senna was a racing driver who rarely read books and I’m sure had no idea who Schopenhauer was but I believe the two comments below are strikingly similar.

Derren Brown in a talk

Derren Brown: Focusing too much can also be a recipe for failure”. Photo

Derren Brown : “Happiness and Philosophy are walking together again after a period being highjacked by the self help brigade. They say.’You have to focus on what you want, there’ll be people who will try to bring you down -Ignore them. You focus and you believe and you keep chasing that go. And that’s how you get successful’. Well that’s also a perfect recipe for failure. It’s exactly how you fail.The difference is that people who failed are not writing their biography…” And he also says “Life is not about one big story. We are supposed to dance along the way”

Senna portrait on normal clothes

Senna: “My determination is also one of my flaws. Sometimes one should change directions” Wikipedia photo

Ayrton Senna: “Im many ways, my qualities and flaws are linked, are the same. One of my qualities is my determination, the strength to pursue something I believe in, without looking around, focused on the result. Well that becomes my weakness as I never give up, I never give in, no matter what happens,being that a technical mater or a personal one. And, sometimes, one should change directions. At my work, in the end, the pluses are much bigger than the minus so I stick to it(laughed) But personally, it is different”.


Watch part of the talk and the answer above mentioned (around 10min). it is unmissable.

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