World Cup – Valcke loses it . Threat of 2 stadia out. Solution till Thursday

The English papers today follow the threat made yesterday  by José Fortunati, the mayor of Porto Alegre,  that the Beira Rio Stadium, will not be ready for the World Cup matches unless a new legislation is passed today allowing tax breaks for the companies investing in temporary stadia. Fortunati told a local radio , Radio Gaucha, that there is no plan B or C or D. Brazilian legislation does not allow public money to be used in temporary buildings. France, Holland and Argentina are due to play there and outside the stadium work is still unfinished.

Fifa Secretary General Jerome Valcke is in Brazil overlooking the work and told the press yesterday that he was most concerned about Itaquerão, the stadium which will host the Opening match between Brazil and Croatia, in Sao Paulo. Only last week, Valcke declared that the impasse about who would pay for the temporary seating was resolved. The Brazilian Press published it would be financed by the drinks company Ambev. Yesterday however, after meetig with Andrés Sanchez, the man responsible for the works in the stadium in SP, Valcke had to admit the problem was still to be cleared and guaranteed it had to be sorted out by this Thursday when he leaves the country.
Reinaldo Canato/UOL

photo Reinaldo Canato(UOL)

The works are estimated to cost R$40 million (about £10m) and they include generators, air conditioning units and telecommunications equipment demanded by Fifa to allow the matches to go ahead. And, the most worrying aspect for the Brazilians was that, in the Press Conference, Valcke did not rule out the possibility of State  money being spent which will certainly ignite more protests in the streets of Brazil. “And who will pay for the temporary structure?” asked a UOL reporter. “It will neither be me nor you”, fired Valcke. “But if public money is used, then I will pay for it” , replied the reporter. The Valcke showed again some signs that he is losing the plot. “But there is where you will be working”, the Fifa secretary retorted, probably implying the media will be house there.


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