NO , I don’t mean on the pitch but look at his his tweet!! I wonder what Good old Elizabeth is thinking.



Lendo o blog de Giovanna Rinaldi, filha do ex goleiro Gilmar do São Paulo e da Seleção Brasileira, não  pude deixar de notar a desenvoltura e clareza de ideias com que analisa a atual fase da seleção espanhola. As razões pelas quais Del Bosque convocou seus 25 jogadores são explicadas com informação e questionada com honestidade de opinião. Isto 12 dias antes do inicio da Copa. Parece que quem entende de futebol naquela casa não é o papai.

Del Bosque: usou 'amiguismo' na convocação

Del Bosque: usou ‘amiguismo’ na convocação


“O que mais chama a atenção com a divulgação da lista, no entanto, são os critérios – ou a falta deles – utilizados pelo treinador espanhol para selecionar o atual grupo que virá ao Brasil, e a hipocrisia que desmascara preferências pessoais e injustificáveis. Com jogadores “fixos” imunes à noções de meritocracia e avaliação crítica, Del Bosque vem ao Brasil com muito mais um elenco de amigos do que um elenco de mérito.”

Leia a matéria toda. Vale a pena.


Já o ex tecnico do Manchester United David Moyes foi alvo de muita chacota nas redes sociais depois da eliminação da Espanha. Uma foto da coluna que escreveu para o Sunday Times apostando que o time de Del Bosque seria o campeão, recheada de razões e elaborações técnicas, ilustra dezenas de matérias em diversos sites de futebol e foi RT milhares de vezes. Ele é um sujeito formidável: honesto, integro, trabalhador mas deveria ter ido curtir seu sabático com os milhões que recebeu de indenização. A fase ruim ainda não acabou.

Moyes afirma Espanha ser favorita ao titulo

Moyes afirma Espanha ser favorita ao titulo

WORLD CUP: SPAIN OUT. Del Bosque get in the wrong bus!!!

Got this photo from a Spanish friend. At least they managed to keep the sense of humour

Nearly new!!

Nearly new!!

Spain’s is the 5th Reigning World Champion to leave a tournament. Italy (1950), Brazil (1966), France (2002), Italy (2010) and Spain (2014).

In the match yesterday , they registered their lowest passing accuracy since 2002- 81.7%.

Andres Iniesta had his lowest number os passes attempted – 52

Diego Costa managed 0 (ZERO) shots on goal in 126 minutes on the pitch

Meanwhile Vicente del Bosque  tries to get in Chile’s Bus!! Who could blame him??

Del Bosque and the Chile Bus

Del Bosque and the Chile Bus


It is quite extraordinary.

Raktic and Mbia exchange shorts

Raktic and Mbia exchange shorts


Watch the video.


The internet is flooded with articles, photos, images, blogs, columns, videos, all about World Champions’s Spain early exit of the World Cup. The Guardian’s reporter Sid Lowe managed to put in writing all the atmosphere and feeling going on at the end of the match. Really exceptional text. You see yourself there, feeling with them.


Diego Costa can't quite believe it!! Photo in the blog: Craig Brough/Action Images

Diego Costa can’t quite believe it!! Photo in the blog: Craig Brough/Action Images


Starst with: “It was a long walk out of the Maracanã and a quiet one too.”

And Casillas (for many one of the most responsible for the failure) says: “Is this the end of an era?”, he was asked. “Things are going to change. Eras end with defeats … and this was a painful defeat. Now we’re going home,” he said, beginning the long walk out of there and out of the World Cup.”

Read it all. A MUST for Sports writers and lovers.


That’s what happens when you host the most watched Sports Events in the World. The ‘guests’ see the entire house not only the dining room.

A policeman shoots at the crowd

A ‘taster’ of what it is on the link below


- Colombia‘s Coach Jose Pekerman has received over 400,000 votes in Colombia’s presidential elections – despite not standing for office.

Thousands spoiled their votes to show support for their beloved national coach after Los Cafeteros routed Greece over election weekend.

AS shown in The Mirror

AS shown in The Mirror


The Daily Mail comes up with a novelty reason for Uruguay‘s defeat to Costa Rica. NO Dulce de Leche!! Apparently, 39kg of their favourite paste has been confiscated by Brazilian officials when Oscar Tabarez & Co arrived in the country!

None of this for Uruguay: 38kg confiscate at border

None of this for Uruguay: 38kg confiscated at Border


- Gisele Bundchen will present the Winner’s Trophy on 13th of July, according to the Boston Globe. President Dillma Roussef is said to be reluctant to expose herself to more booing and FIFA’s president Sepp Blatter’s popularity is not that high either!! (he did hand the trophy to Spain captain Iker Casillas in South Africa in 2010. )

Gisele has one friend in football (well soccer for her) Her husband plays football'

Gisele has one friend in football (well soccer for her) Her husband plays ‘football’

- Ex footballers – all commentators for British BBC and ITV have had a fun afternoon playing beach volley. Watch this


. NO planes are allowed to land in  Salvador during games? Well, a group of Dutch fans found that out the hard way last week. Their flight from the United States last Friday was late but they thought they would still be able to join in the celebrations – and what celebrations!! 5×1 Spain!!!!) after their opening match. Not that simple. As they prepared to touch down, the pilot pulled up from the tarmac and land them  an hour later in Aracaju, 100 miles from their destination!!! At least that is what is published on The Times today.  I mean : not even the pilots are informed of those so important – although ridiculous – changes?!?!


. Lionel Messi left a young boy very distressed? Watch this

. There are so many Argentinians in  Brazil that a commentator wrote in his column: “Copabana has been already taken; Let’s see if we can defend Ipanema”



I can only hope no disaster happens. But this is absolutely NOT acceptable. And some people are going around saying everything is fine. This is the Cup of the Cups!!

So many things have gone wrong already. The international media are really trying to be sympathetic but it is impossible when lives are being put  at risk like this. And it all cost over £7,5 billion!!!


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